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What is Engineered Quartz Stone?
How is Quartz stone manufactured?
What are the benefits of Quartz stone?
Can you compare Quartz stone with other natural stones, especially with granite and marble?
Is Quartz stone an artificial product?
How can I maintain the natural beauty of Quartz stone?
How can I remove dried spills and stubborn stains?
How strong is Quartz stone?
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Can I do cutting and chopping directly on Quartz stone benchtop without using a chopping board?
Is Quartz stone heat resistant? Can I place a hot pot or a hot pan on it?
How does Quartz stone maintain its shine? Does it require polishing?
Can I use Quartz stone in my bathroom?

Yes, we do recommend that you apply Quartz stone also in your bathroom in addition to your kitchen. Kitchens and bathrooms are places where sanitation is strictly important. While those surfacing materials with a microporous structure and hairline cracks absorb water and cannot resist stain formation, they on the other hand allow for a favourable environment for bacteria growth. The micro-organisms invisible to the eye especially cultivate in wet places. Therefore, wet places especially require a meticulous and conscious approach in the selection of surfacing materials. Quartz stone provides hygiene with its compact structure resistant to stain formation and bacteria growth in kitchens, bathrooms and water-closets where sanitary conditions are of utmost importance.


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